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'Baantjer het Begin'
B Cam Operator
Dir. Andre van Duren, Lourens Blok
DP. Jacco van Ree
'Zwarte Tulp'
B Cam Operator
Dir.  Ben Sombogaart
DP. Mark de Blok, Jacco van Ree
'Nieuwe Buren'
B Cam Operator
Dir.  Bobby Boermans
DP. Jacco van Ree
'De Luizenmoeder'
B Cam Operator
Dir. Jan Albert de Weerd
DP. Jacco van Ree
B Cam Operator
Dir. Tim Oliehoek
DP. Mark de Blok



You might be wondering, ‘why is your work so dark and contrasty’? Simple answer: Because I love it. But really, I think because my uncle took me to Nightmare on Elm Street when I was 3 years old. Didn’t sleep for a week, but that’s okay - the experience was worth it.


This also explains why I find cinematography a fascinating and powerful art form, that can drag you into a new world and shift your emotional state from one place to another as you go through the journey. The idea that you can change one’s mood by showing images was a big mystery to me, and I wanted to learn more about it.


Titles like ‘Blade, Collateral, The Mask, the X Files, IT, Halloween, Jaws’.. all were addictive experiences. I was 10 when I realized movies don’t just fall out of the sky and that I had to accept the fact that every film I had ever seen was fake. The making of documentary I saw that day spoiled it all, but also taught me something new: the coolest guys on set were around the camera!


And so - here I am, around the camera, crafting new worlds and moods using my framing, lights and motion techniques. 



For more fiction titles, filmfestival history and nominations please visit my imdb page.


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